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Our CGC strain designation is LAW. Our CGC allele designation is rok. Information on naming conventions in C. elegans strains can be found in the wormbook at this link. Non-C. elegans species follow the same conventions. 

All strains/species in our collection should receive a LAW number, including strains received from CGC or other labs (indicate the original strain designation and where it was received from in the description).


The following numbers are assigned to lab members: 

LAMIA WAHBA (LAW0001 through LAW0099)

KIMBERLY ELICKER (LAW0100 through LAW0199)

YAKSHI DABAS (LAW0200 through LAW0299)

GABRIEL HATTO (LAW0300 through LAW0399)


When you run out of numbers please let Lamia know and she will assign you additional numbers. 

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