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ROCKEFELLER YEARS (2023-present)

Working on it!

PRE-ROCKEFELLER DAYS (from Lamia's postdoc and grad school)

1. Wahba L., Hansen L. and Fire A. (2021) An essential role for the piRNA pathway in regulating the ribosomal RNA pool in C. elegans. Developmental Cell 56, 2295-2312.

2. Yoshimura J., Ichikawa K., Shoura M., Artiles K., Gadbank I., Wahba L., Smith C., Edgley M.,Rougvie A., Fire A., Morishita S. and Schwarz E. (2019) Recompleting the Caenorhabditis elegans genome. Genome Research 29, 1009-1022.

3. Wahba L.*, Constantino L.*, Tan F., Zimmer A. and Koshland D. (2016) S1-DRIP-seq identifies high expression and polyA tracts as major contributors to R-loop formation. Genes & Development 301327-1338.

* denotes equal contribution

4. Wahba L., Gore S. and Koshland D. (2013) The homologous recombination machinery mediates RNA-DNA hybrid formation and associated chromosome instability. eLife 2:e00505.

5. Wahba L., Amon J., Koshland D. and Vuica M. (2011) RNase H and multiple RNA biogenesis factors cooperate to prevent RNA-DNA hybrid mediated genome instability. Molecular Cell 44, 978-988.

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