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Lamia Wahba

Head of Lab

Lamia did her graduate work at the Carnegie Institute's Dept of Embryology, located on the Hopkins campus. There she worked on R-loops in budding yeast under the mentorship of Douglas Koshland. For her postdoc she moved to Andy Fire's lab at Stanford to study small RNA systems in the free-living nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. She joined Rockefeller as an assistant professor in 2023.     

On the weekends Lamia has been walking 20k steps a day exploring NYC with her husband and son!

Yakshi Dabas

Graduate Student (joined Aug 2023)

Coming soon!


Kimberly Elicker

Research Assistant (joined Nov 2022)

Coming soon!

Kimberly website photo.png

Gabriel Hatto

Research Assistant (joined Aug 2023)

Gabe graduated from Cornell University this spring with a degree in molecular biology. There, he worked on defining the gene regulatory architecture of color patterning in butterfly and moth wings with Bob Reed. In the Wahba Lab, he is investigating the feedback between epigenetic and genetic changes in a directed evolution experiment and with bioinformatic screening.


Outside of work, he is learning data structures in C, writing grad school applications, and working on creative projects. More information can be found at

Interested in what we do? We are recruiting grad students and postdocs!

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